Double sided Sash PANI DOBRODZIEJKA (red-gold / olive-gold)


Pani Dobrodziejka (meaning close to – Her Kindness, literally: Benefactress) – was a widely used respectable way to address the noble Land Lady. All people that depended on the manor used this term. On one hand, Pani Dobrodziejka expected full commitment from her people, on the other she was responsible for her people by providing medical care, education and giving out grain in the times of poor harvest or after heavy winter.

The Sash spans 280cm in total length and is 14cm wide in the front section. The wide section stays in front at the waist level while the straps cross at the back and tied on a side. All sashes have woven double sided ornaments that we copied from the museum pieces. This way they are a continuation of the old Polish esthetics of The Golden Age.