The Gold of Buczacz

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Size: 2.2m x 1.6m, Front side.

The dowry of Maria Mohylanka – the daughter of the Valachian King who was married to Voivoda Stafan Potocki – consisted of enormous treasures, all of which she spent on fortifications of Buczacz. The legend says that after the city repelled numerous attacks of the Turks, Sultan Mehmet IV was speechless when he found out that Voivoda Potocki was at that time leading a battle elsewhere and that he actually had to do with the wife of the famous warrior he expected to defeat. The Sultan sent respectable gifts made of gold to The Countess and led his armies back to Turkey.

This time we made fabric out of two colors: yellow gold and red gold. It follows the exact combination of the colors we know from several original Buczacz fabrics. It serves especially well as a background for the collection of swords.

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1200 1220 
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