Double sided Ladies sash MIECZNIKÓWNA (steel blue and gold / bordo)

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Miecznikówna – title used to address the daughter of Miecznik (Sword Bearer or lat. Magnus Ensifer)– a court officer that was responsible for the armory and had the privilege to carry the sword (symbol of royal power) in front of The King.

Miecznikówna would in most cases be a young intelligent lady, educated, beautiful and rich. Most likely her father was a veteran that passed most of his skills to his children.

Miecznikowna would know well how to use a sword, a bow and firearms while on foot or mounted. Her father received the honorable title due to his faithful service to The State and therefore he will not give away the hand of his daughter to someone unworthy.

Total length of the sash is 258 cm and it is 12 cm wide in the front section. The sash should be worn with the wide part to the front, with the straps crossed at the back and tied on a side. In case of all sashes that we make, the ornaments are woven and double sided – copied from the original sashes that we find in the museums. This way they are the direct continuation of the traditional fabric design from the Golden Age.

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210 240 
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