Bookmark of Jędrzej Kitowicz

The writers we wish to honor in the first place are the eulogists of the culture of the Republic of Poland in the best edition of this tradition.

Zakładka do książki to tkanina jednostronna w formie miniatury pasa kontuszowego,o rozmiarze 5cm na 25cm, zapakowana w przezroczystą elastyczną obwolutę. Cena detaliczna: 12 zł.
In case of ordering just souvenirs and gifts (in any combination of bookmarks and little wallets), the minimum order is 100PLN plus shipment

If you wish, for an additional 5 PLN we can pack your order in an elegant gift box (12.5cm wide and 32cm long), which can fit several bookmarks, a wallet, notebook and a soft case for glasses.


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