About us

For over a hundred years nobody produced a Kontush Sash. Last year we started manufacturing decorative fabrics (Sashes and Buczacz Tapestries) to continue the tradition started by Armenian weavers in Eastern Poland in XVI – XVIII centuries.

We have all the offered items in stock so far and there is no waiting time after you order. We manufacture 5 types of Sashes (belts). It is a result of hard work in order to recreate the exact designs and weaving methods. Finally we made it.

We received great help from various museums and private collectors (we woluld like to express special thanks to Mrs. Helen Kwiatkowski, whose collection I had an access to already 20 years ago). The very first idea was given by Professor Zdzislaw Zygulski Jun. and Mrs. Eva Zygulska years ago. However, the planets came to the right configuration just a year ago and the idea could actually come to life.

Considering the growing demand for high quality reproductions among the historical reenactment movement, we noticed a need for exact recreation (both: design and technology) of the Sashes worn in XVI – XVIII Poland.

The Sashes have a classic – the most popular size of 3,7m by 30cm (about 12ft by 12 inches). The yarn gave us a lot of trouble. Weaving the proper Sash is not an easy job. This is the most challenging weaving project possible: a double sided fabric (there is no back-side) with ornaments woven out of six colors of weft (and three colors of warp). We tried wool yarn but it does not take certain colors and it is too thick for the resolution necessary for the Sash design. Cotton very soon gains “hairy” surface and it deforms a lot. Finally, we found a good combination of natural and synthetic material and the resulting yarn does a very good job imitating silk. As the result, the Sash sits well, ties well, it has fantastic colors and shine. Pretty much everyone can wrap himself twice around the waist and tie a decorative knot. The Sash allows the air to pass thru (no swet!) and it serves as a big pocket.

For sure, we can make the sashes out of silk but then the price will have to grow several times and instead of being a nice addition to the historical outfit, it will be a serious investment and we are afraid that the orders will be scarce.

The design we chose is a so-called “four sided” design. The sash can be folded in half along-side (before being wrapped and tied) in four ways thus making four different color schemes (depending on the predominant color of the outfit of the bearer).

We would like the sash to serve you well for a long time in the most noble way.

We recommend to clean the Sash chemically. Soon we will issue a video showing how to tie the Sash.