Huzar belt

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Huzar – one of the forms of the Polish-Hungarian friendship, that is rooted in cavalry traditions. Mounted units formed in Hungarian style (Huzar Regiments) were famous for their bravery, the most elegant uniforms and incredible popularity among the more beautiful half of humanity. Alexander Fredro gave Huzars their well-deserved place in literature. Huzars were very effective military units and were copied in all armies of the world
We have a pleasure to offer to you the Huzar belt.
“Piloci oblatywacze” twierdzą, że po założeniu tego pasa słowo układa się w wiersz na sam błysk w oczach dam, nogi same idą w krok tańca, a dusza się rwie do nowych wyzwań. Hrabia Fredro jest blisko.
The whole set consisting of the double sided belt and bow tie.

Two sided belt

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300 330 
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